Guest Speakers & Judges

We had the honor of inviting over 30 influential and inspiring people from around the world as guest speakers and judges for our events!

Scroll through this page for an introduction of some of our guests.

Mitsushi Ono

President/Founder of Tokyo Debate Academy

Chief Coach of HPDU

Head of CEO Office, Digital Entertainment Asset

CAP/Judge: SOLA Cup 2021 High School International Debate Tournament

Graduated from Shibu Shibu and founded the English Debate Club.
Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Law, Department of Political Science.
Worked at Pony Canyon as a producer of TV animation, overseas promotion, and publicity producer for voiceover artists. He then moved to Netflix, where he was in charge of purchasing and licensing anime works, liaison with major studios in Hollywood, alliance partnerships with domestic anime studios, and production of Netflix original anime works. He is a 32-time winner of the English Debate Tournament, and the ESL Quarter Finalist in the World University Debating Championship 2015.

ビブリオバトル発案者 谷口忠大先生-modified.png
Tadahiro Taniguchi

Professor, College of Information Science & Engineering Ritsumeikan University

Message: SOLA International Bibliobattle Tournament 2021

"It is my great honor to hear that SOLA 2021 will hold Bibliobattle in Japanese and English. The Olympics is a festival that promotes peace and brings people from all over the world together. I believe that Bibliobattle can also bridge gaps between people across the world, regardless of the language. So, try jumping over the language hurdle, and enjoy yourself with a book in hand and a discussion on your lips."

Sachiko Nakajima, CEO

Judge: SOLA Education Business Contest

Working actively in 3 main fields: Music, Mathematics, and STEAM Education. Develops and provides SURIJOSHI (math-loving girls) workshops, Playful Coding/Playful Physical Computing/Playful AI, Sports x STEAM, Agriculture x STEAM, STEAM PBL/Exploration Support, Music x Math performance, talks and articles all over Japan and globally.

Designated as one of the STEM Girls Ambassadors in Japan by Japanese Cabinet Office and a member of “Learning Innovation” Study Group by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industries in



Speaker: River Cleaning: Environmental Issues

Member of UMINARI.

Hirofumi Masui, Author of Bibliobattle in the Solomon Islands-modified.png
Hirofumi Masui

Director, Committee of Bibliobattle

Event: SOLA International Bibliobattle Tournament 2021

"I'm really excited after hearing that there will be a cross-border Bibliobattle at SOLA 2021. Through the promotion of Bibliobattle in the Solomon Islands, I have come to realize that the appeal of reading and the enjoyment of communicating are universal regardless of country. Your book is a ticket for international exchange!"

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Takumi Fujimura

 Representative, fora

Judge: SOLA Education Business Contest

Engaged in co-creation with partner companies mainly in the field of education, and contributed to the transformation and acceleration of Japanese education style through the educationalresearch such as active learning and PBL and support of educational institutions.

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Ryota Kikuchi

Head of Edtech and Talent DX Group, NEC

Event: SOLA Education Business Contest

Engaged in the Head of Edtech and Talent DX Group in NEC with the experience
to work for the technology companies and consulting firms in several countries, and concurrently as the director and ambassador of STEAM Japan, Inc.
Assigned as the organizer and instructor of the SOLA Education Business Contest.



Speaker: River Cleaning: Environmental Issues

Member of UMINARI.

Other honorable mentions:

Model G7 Summit: 

Aine Adachi

Chihiro Ishikawa

Kaku Sechiyama

Lin Kobayashi

SOLA Cup 2021:

Akira Kato

Ayaka Sugimoto

Daisuke Kubo

Do Chau Giang

Doan Duc Huy

Isao Ayabe

Jonathan Borock

Kana Kanzaki

Rina Kajitani

Kanako Endo

Kota Jodoi

Masaru Urano

Melvin Lai

Minami Kurokami

Mizuki Kitada

Mizuki Kusaka

Naoki Enomoto

Riku Saito

Rina Kajitani

Tomoyuki Suda

Tota Takahashi

Vu Anh Tuan

& 3 others.

中学生SDGs Actions Not Words:

Tsukasa Shinmyou

Thinking About Climate Justice:

Makoto Usami

Tetsuji Yoshikawa

Cold War Textbook Project: