​Model G7 Summit 2021

Date: August 17th, 2021

Time: 9:30~16:00(JST)

Language: English

Capacity: 50 registrations

What is Model G7 Summit 2021?

Topic: Gender Equality
The focus will be on the worldwide lack of female leaders in fields such as politics and business. Students all over the world will discuss what can be done through schools and education, as well as what they themselves can do as high school students, in order to increase the number of female leaders and create a better world for everyone including both men and women.
At the summit, after learning about the current situation through presentations and keynote speeches, students will separate into groups and discuss a specific action plan that can be taken in order to solve the issue. Afterwards, everyone will rejoin to give and hear presentations of each group’s ideas. Groups that gave the most creative or specific action plan will be awarded, after careful consideration by the guest judges.
Through students from diverse backgrounds coming together and working towards the common goal of gender equality, we hope that each student will be able to take the ideas back to their own schools and communities in order to take specific action.
There will also be a follow up event where students will be able to share how they were able to use their experience participating in MG7 to make change.

This event will mark the sixth Model G7 Summit. The very first summit was organized by Japanese students who participated in an international high school students conference, “J7 Youth Summit 2015”. This was created by German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, who believed reflecting the young generation's views on society was the key to solving global issues. In August of 2016, when the Japanese students presented about the first MG7 Summit at a follow up meeting for the J7 Summit, they received first place by the votes from high school students around the world, the German Committee for UNICEF, the Chief
Cabinet Secretary, and many others. Although many students participate in social contribution activities around the world, these are generally organized by adults. Meanwhile, the Japanese team received high praise for having only students organize, manage, and participate in their event. Inheriting that concept, this event is also organized by students for students, and intends to create action plans that high school students can actually execute immediately after the conference.
This Summit is on gender equality. We wish for this event to be a chance for everyone to discuss this topic from a high school student's point of view and rethink this issue. There may be some imperfect or unsatisfactory instances from our lack of experience, but if anyone is interested in discussing in English, learning knowledge on global issues, and speaking with students from other countries and schools, please feel more than welcome to participate.

Who can participate?

Anyone who is:

​(1) Currently attending junior high or high school



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Guest Speaker

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